Sir Peter Ustinov, Radio Personality, Academic, Film Actor, Theatre Actor, Television Actor, Director, Television Personality, Playwright and Journalist.
I met Sir Peter on two occasions on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles.
On arrival at LA I walked from the aircraft to the Customs Hall with him, chatting about his upcoming meeting with the late Audrey Hepburn at a UNICEF Concert in Washington. On arrival at the Customs Hall we became separated, with myself getting ahead in the queue. I called out to Sir Peter to join me, knowing a Qantas representative was waiting to escort him to an onward flight. To his credit, Sir Peter was most reluctant to move, saying "What will these people say about my "pushing in". I told him it was for a good cause, so don't worry about it !!! As it turned out, the Qantas Rep was nowhere to be seen !
The second meeting took place at a Book Launch in Sydney. Sir Peter remembered the meeting and assured me he made the flight to Washington in time for the UNICEF Concert !